Temple Grafton, Warwickshire B49 6NR

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The Knitted Character Folk Festival


Knitted Phil Beer

Phil web Gerry

Knitted Gerry Colvin

Nanct and James 2

Knitted Nancy Kerr & James Fagan

Seth web

Knitted Seth Lakeman


Knitted Oysterband

Miranda web

Knitted Miranda Sykes

Knitted Megsons

Knitted Megsons

Knitted Phillip Henry

& Hannah Martin ...

Dennis Ellsworth

Knitted Dennis Ellsworth

Marion Fleetwood

Knitted Marion Fleetwood

Carpet Steve Knightley

Knitted Steve Knightley


Knitted Trish Keelan

Knitted Ralph McTell web

Knitted Ralph McTell

Graham Bradshaw and Laurence Silvester web

Knitted Sound Engineers

Graham Bradshaw and Laurence Silvester!

Show of Hands web

Knitted Show of Hands

Knitted Peter Knight web

Knitted Peter Knight

The Startled Ferrets Knitted Characters web

Knitted Startled Ferrets


Knitted Madonna

Knitted Madonna